My name is Anuphinh Wanderski, but please call me Noy. 

I'm an User Experience Designer with over ten years experience designing enterprise applications for native client and for web platforms.

I have comprehensive design skills ranging from rapid ideation, wireframe sketching, and simple interactive prototyping.

I have experience in a variety of user research methodologies including on-site user interviews, contextual inquiry, and usability testing. 

I am familiar with the agile development process. I have used design thinking methods to drive discussion and agreement on product goals across teams. 

My background is in Graphic Design and I love design in all forms; from the smallest details of typography to large interior spaces. I enjoy designing solutions for complex user scenarios. I believe design makes a huge difference in our world and as designers, we have a responsibility to make someone's life a little nicer and a little easier.

I'd love to chat about design over coffee + donuts.